The Doriza Family

Hotel History


Paraskevi and her 5 sons

The Dorizas family has its roots in Sami, Kefalonia where Spyros and Paraskevi Dorizas had 5 sons: Stavros, Dionysis, Yiannis, Periklis and Kostas. The Dorizas brothers decided to leave from Kefalonia at a young age due to the hard economic conditions of that time and move to the United States for a better life.


Dionysis, Stavros and Yiannis
at “My Place For?” in Chicago

It all started back in 1971 when the Dorizas brothers founded the “My Place For?” fish restaurant in Chicago that has flourished for over 30 years.
After a number of years in Chicago Yiannis, Periklis and Kostas decided to move back to Sami and together with Stavros and Dionysis (who stayed in US to run the restaurant), established the Sami Beach hotel which opened its doors in 1988.

The sudden death of the second oldest brother Dionysis
in August 1997, had left a major gap in the family. Nevertheless, the family spirit that the Dorizas brothers began with was never lost and that is why the family has remained united ever since.


Yiannis, Maryann and Periklis today

Today Stavros is still in Chicago running the restaurant under the name “Gateway Bar and Grill”, while Yiannis, his wife Maryann and his brother Periklis run the Sami Beach hotel. Occasionally you might see other members of the family helping such as Kostas when he is free from teaching Mathematics at the high school in Argostoli.